Al Buck Award
2005 Manager of the Year

by Tim Graham
Buffalo News

Apparently, it's pretty difficult to nudge Alan Haymon toward the spotlight. The incisive businessman, who flourished in the music and television industries before getting involved with the sweet science, prefers to handle matters behind the scenes and let his clients bask in the glow of their accomplishments.

To Haymon, that's what a successful manager should be about.

"The stars are the fighters and, personally, I think it takes away from the sport when managers and promoters steal away attention from these talented young men, who do something very dangerous for a living," Haymon said.

We at the Boxing Writers Association of America understand Haymon's aversion to being the center of attention. Quite frankly, that's refreshing. Nevertheless, his fighters had one fine 2005, and that's why he will receive the Al Buck Award as Manager of the Year.

Whether the preferred title is manager, advisor or consultant, nobody was more deserving of high recognition for what he accomplished than Haymon, who has joined such legendary managers as Gil Clancy, Angelo Dundee, Eddie Futch, Lou Duva, Yancey Durham and Emanuel Steward to have won the Al Buck Award.

The honor, named after the renowned New York Post boxing scribe, was created in 1967. It's not necessarily bestowed each year.

"I'm extremely humbled and very proud to be a recipient of this award," Haymon said. "I can only thank the group of young men I've had the pleasure to work with along with my hard-working staff. I also want to thank my brother, Bobby, who was a fighter and taught me this sport when I was a young man."

Our members extended the honor to Haymon because in 2005 he advised some of the sport's elite names. His superstar clients included Floyd Mayweather Jr., Jermain Taylor and Antonio Tarver. Haymon also worked with a slew of other big names.

Haymon advised former welterweight champ Vernon Forrest (our 2002 Edward Neil Award winner as Fighter of the Year), whom Haymon credits with getting him involved as a boxing advisor, former cruiserweight champ Vassiliy Jirov (participant in our 2003 Harry Markson Award-winning Fight of the Year) and heavyweight champion Lamon Brewster.

Haymon's stable also included heavyweights Audley Harrison and Chris Arreola, super middleweights Librado Andrade and Enrique Ornelas, welterweights Andre Berto and Paul Williams and junior welterweight Lorenzo Reynolds.

"This honor is a tribute to the talented fighters that I've had an opportunity to work with," Haymon said. "I really have to defer the credit to them because their accomplishments obviously were significant enough for people to look all the way down the totem pole and find me there. But clearly the glory goes to them because there's no more individual sport than boxing.

""When you work with quality young men like this, it's hard not to be successful because they're so talented."

Al Buck Award

1967 -- Gil Clancy
1968 -- Angelo Dundee
1969 -- Yancey Durham
1970 -- Dick Sadler
1971 -- Yancey Durham
1972 -- Paddy Flood, Gregorio Benitez
1973 -- Gil Clancy
1974 -- Herbert Muhammad
1975 -- Eddie Futch
1976 -- Bob Biron
1977 -- Bill Slayton
1978 -- Richie Giachetti
1979 -- Angelo Dundee
1980 -- Emanuel Steward
1981 -- Janks Morton, Michael Trainer
1982 -- Howard Albert, Carlos Espada, Emile Griffith
1983 -- Goody and Pat Petronelli
1984 -- Lou Duva
1985 -- Dave Gorman, Paul Reyes
1986 -- Jim Jacobs
1987 -- Bill Cayton
1988 -- Kevin Rooney
1989 -- Emanuel Steward
1990 -- Shelly Finkel
1991 -- Al Certo
1992 -- Rock Newman
1993 -- Lou Duva, Shelly Finkel
1994 -- George Foreman
1995 -- Fred and Stanly Levin
1997 -- Pat Lynch
1998 -- Floyd Mayweather Sr.
1999 -- Panos Eliades, Frank Maloney
2000 -- Felix Trinidad Sr.
2001 -- Ricardo Maldonado Sr.
2002 -- Norman Stone, Klaus-Peter Kohl
2004 -- Bernard Hopkins
2005 -- Al Haymon

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