The Barneys

(for work done in 2008)


First Place
STEVE FARHOOD, “RJ Still Doing It His Way,” Boxing Monthly, February, 2008 

Second Place
DON STRADLEY, "Looking Good Has Never Been Harder,” The Ring, May 2008 

Third Place (tie)
RON BORGES, “Not A Rock, He’s Limestone,” Thesweetscience.com, July 18, 2008 

WILLIAM DETLOFF, “Hopkins-Pavlik,” The Ring, January 2009 (on newsstand in November 2008) 

T. K. STEWART, Walking In A Hatton Wonderland,” Boxingscene.com, November 21, 2008 

Honorable Mention: Adam Berlin, FightBeat.com; Bernard Fernandez, Philadelphia Daily News; David Greisman, BoxingScene.com; Ronan Keenan, Thesweetscience.com; Shawn Krest, BoxingScene.com; Kiernan Mulvaney, ESPN.com 


First Place
DAVID P. GREISMAN, “The Prices They Pay: Of Warriors and Tragedies,” Maxboxing.com, May 12, 2008 

Second Place
FRANZ LIDZ, “Damon Feldman’s Celebrity Boxing Federation," Conde Nast Portfolio, December 2008 

Third Place
JAKE DONOVAN, “Boxing Needs New Faces, Not Another Facelift,” Boxingscene.com, January 23, 2008 

Honorable Mention: Brett Conway, Maxboxing.com; Matthew Hurley, Secondsout.com; George Kimball, Boxingtalk.com; David Mayo, Grand Rapids Press; Lance Pugmire, Los Angeles Times; Don Stradley, ESPN.com; Michael Swann, 15rounds.com; John Whisler, San Antonio Express News; George Willis, New York Post 


First Place
BERNARD FERNANDEZ, “Olympic Education Center KO’d By Budget Cuts,” Philadelphia Daily News, January 29, 2008 

Second Place
MICHAEL SWANN, “Hi There, Welcome To Wal-Mart,” 15rounds.com, November 11, 2008 

Third Place
GEORGE KIMBALL, “Luis Resto – Billy Collins Redux,” Boxingtalk.com, 2008 

Honorable Mention: Lyle Fitzsimmons, Sportsnetwork.com; Norm Frauenheim, Arizona Republic;  David P. Greisman, Maxboxing.com; Thomas Hauser, Secondsout.com; David Mayo, Grand Rapids Press; Ron Ross, Trufanboxing.com; Don Stradley, ESPN.com; Sean Sullivan, Boxing Digest; John Whisler, San Antonio Express-News George Willis, ESPN.com 

BOXING FEATURE (Under 2,500 words)

First Place
DON STRADLEY, “The Nonparail,” The Ring, June 2008 

Second Place
JOSEPH SANTOLIQUITO, “New Faces: Danny Garcia,” The Ring, November 2008 

Third Place
RON BORGES, "Do You Know Who I Am?,” Boxing Monthly, April 2008 

Honorable Mention: Bobby Cassidy, Newsday.com; Nigel Collins, TheRingOnLine.com; William Dettloff, ESPN.com; Brian Doogan, Sunday Times of London; Steve Farhood, Boxing Monthly; Lance Pugmire, Los Angeles Times; Eric Raskin, The Ring; Michael Woods, TheSweetScience.com 

BOXING FEATURE (Over 2,500 words)

First Place (tie)
CARLO ROTELLA,And Now, The Biggest Entertainer in Entertainment,” New York Times Sports Magazine,” June 7, 2008 

MICHAEL RIVEST, “The Color of Boxing,” The Ring, December 2008 

Second Place
FRANZ LIDZ, ”Oscar De La Hoya – Fighter and Promoter,” Conde Nast Portfolio, November 2008 

Third Place
THOMAS HAUSER, “John L. Sullivan Revisited,” Secondsout.com, 2008 

Honorable Mention: Ron Borges, Boxing Monthly; Brian Doogan, Sunday Times of London; Bernard Fernandez, Philadelphia Daily News; Thomas Gerbasi, Maxboxing.com; Jack Hirsch, Boxing News; Kevin Iole, Yahoosports.com; Joseph Santoliquito, The Ring 


First Place
RON BORGES, “The Dying Art of Matchmaking,” Boxing Monthly, June 2008

THOMAS HAUSER, “HBO - 2008,” Secondsout.com, May 28, 2008 

Second Place
BRIAN DOOGAN, "I Took Steroids to Bulk Me Up and It Led to a False Positive HIV Result,Sunday Times of London, January 6, 2008 

Third Place
DON STEINBERG, "DVD Pirates Filling Their Shelves – And Customer Orders,” ESPN.com, May 13, 2008 

Honorable Mention: Bobby Cassidy, The Ring; Bernard Fernandez; Philadelphia Daily News; Norm Frauenheim, TheRingOnline.com; Michael Hirsley; ESPN.com; Shawn O’ Donnell, Eastsideboxing.com; Lance Pugmire, Los Angeles Times; John Whisler, San Antonio Express


TOMMY HICKS, Mobile Register
MARK KISZLA, Denver Post
DOUG KRIKORIAN, Long Beach Press Telegram
BOB SANSEVERE, St. Paul Pioneer Press
AILENE VOISIN, Sacramento Bee




Norm Frauenheim

Norm Frauenheim worked at the Arizona Republic for more than 30 years and left a lasting legacy. He started covering boxing in 1988, when he was assigned to follow the career of Phoenix's Michael Carbajal. He reported on Carbajal as the boxer won a silver medal in Seoul, and continued to do so for the junior flyweight's Hall of Fame pro career.

In addition to covering boxing for the Republic, Frauenheim reported on several more Olympics and was beat writer on the NBA's Phoenix Suns. His last assignment was the 2008 Bejing Olympics. His primary beats there were Michael Phelps, wrestling gold medalist Henry Cejudo and boxing. Frauenheim now works as a columnist for 15Rounds.com and is a contributor to The Ring Online.

Only past winners of the Fleischer award are allowed to vote in this category. A complete list of past Fleischer winners is available on the BWAA awards history page here.


Leonard Gardner
John Lardner
Larry Merchant

      The A.J. Liebling Award honors the elegant New Yorker stylist whose writing on boxing is collected in the timeless books The Sweet Science and A Neutral Corner. It has been bestowed in selected years since 1995.
     Born in 1933, Leonard Gardner is best known as the author of Fat City, an American classic whose stature has increased over the years since its publication in 1969. A gritty depiction of life at the bottom of the fight game on the California club-fight circuit, Fat City is widely considered to be among the greatest boxing novels ever written. Gardner also wrote the screenplay for the widely acclaimed film version of Fat City, which was directed by John Huston and starred Stacey Keach and the young Jeff Bridges as his protagonists. Before turning to television scriptwriting, Gardner also covered boxing both as a journalist (Duran-Leonard I for Inside Sports) and critic (Jose Torres’ Sting Like a Bee for the New York Times Book Review.) He lives in Marin County, California.
   Familiar to today’s fans for his 30-year role as analyst for HBO, Larry Merchant cut his boxing teeth as a journalist. Born in 1931, Merchant became the sports editor of the Philadelphia Daily News at the age of 26, and after a decade at that job moved on to the Big Apple, where he spent another ten years as the featured sports columnist for the New York Post. A self-described “last-string halfback” for Bud Wilkinson’s undefeated national championship team at the University of Oklahoma, Merchant got his introduction to sportswriting when he was named the sports editor of the Daily Oklahoman, and during the period of the Korean war PFC Merchant served as the sports editor of Stars and Stripes. The author of three books, he was previously honoured by the BWAA as a recipient of both the Sam Taub Award for Excellence in Broadcast Journalism and the James J. Walker award for Long and Meritorious Service to the sport. He makes his home in Santa Monica, California. 
      The eldest son of the legendary Ring Lardner, John Lardner (1912-1960) was described by Roger Kahn as “quite simply, the best sports columnist I have read,” while Stanley Walker, the editor of the World, said Lardner “came close to being the perfect all-around journalist.” A longtime columnist for the North American Newspaper Alliance and, later, for Newsweek, Lardner served as a correspondent (and was uncomfortably wounded) covering the war in the Pacific from 1942-1945. While he authored books on many subjects, boxing remained the subject dearest to his heart. He compiled Playboy’s annual Boxing Preview, deconstructed fight figures ranging from Doc Kearns and Battling Siki to Gene Fullmer and Sugar Ray Robinson, and composed his now-classic lead for a story about the wildest middleweight the world has ever known: “Stanley Ketchel was 24 years old when he was fatally shot in the back by the common-law husband of the lady who was cooking his breakfast.” 
      Recipients of the 2009 Liebling Awards were chosen by a committee of veteran boxing journalists, chaired by George Kimball and comprised of Pulitzer Prize winner Dave Anderson, Bernard Fernandez, John Schulian, and Ed Schuyler. 

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