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The Boxing Writers Association of America has updated its bylaws to be more inclusive to its ever-growing membership. Full members recently were asked to vote on four proposed amendments that would address emerging inadequacies from bylaws drawn up when the BWAA was substantially more concentrated in the Northeast U.S. and to create freedom to offer more within the organization. All four amendment proposals passed convincingly.

The first proposal to amend Article III and open up voting on officers to all paid, full BWAA members via mail as opposed to requiring attendance at the annual winter meeting passed by a count of 44-2.

The second proposal to amend Article VIII, Section C to allow for the expansion of our annual writing contest known as the Barney Awards was approved by a count of 44-0 with two abstentions.

The third proposal to amend Article IX, Section A to remove wording that dictates every annual awards dinner be held in New York was approved by a count of 45-1.

The fourth proposal to amend Article IX, Section C to permit for the expansion of our annual awards upon recommendation and a vote of BWAA members passed by a count of 45-1.

The deadline for the ballots to be returned was Sept. 15, but extra time was allowed to accommodate members who had not updated their mailing addresses over the years and our international contingent. Given that ballots received as late as Oct. 2 were counted, the overall voter turnout was somewhat disappointing, but no less official in passing all four amendments.

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