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The BWAA has obtained the services of attorney, Keith M. Sullivan, Esq. as a legal consultant. Mr. Sullivan’s services will come at no cost to the BWAA or our members who reach out to him. Mr. Sullivan is a partner in the law firm Sullivan & Galleshaw, LLP of New York City. At present, he serves as a distinguished member on the board of directors of the Atlas Foundation and Ring 8 of N.Y. Mr. Sullivan is an adjunct professor at Pace University School of Law and lecturer for Kaplan-PMBR (a course that prepares law school graduates for taking the multi-state portion of the Bar exam).

Mr. Sullivan can help the BWAA with a number of issues that might arise unexpectedly, but for the most part, I expect him to be an asset in the following matters:

  • Helping members understand the bylaws and amending them where applicable.

  • Handling BWAA legal matters that may arise throughout the year.

  • Providing a seminar on legal topics of interest.

  • Setting up a “Defamation Hotline” – where BWAA members can ask questions. (Keep in mind that the laws change from State to State).

  • Proof reading a story in advance of it being published to be sure it contains nothing libelous.

  • Limited court representation.

Mr. Sullivan can be contacted at 718-326-6200 or Fax: 718-228-7010. The firm’s web site is Please make reference to the BWAA in any correspondence to Mr. Sullivan. Please join me in welcoming Keith M. Sullivan into the BWAA family and wishing him an association with us that lasts for years.

— Jack Hirsch


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