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BWAA Photo Contest Rules, Categories, Deadline

Words and pictures go together like, I don’t know, lyrics and melodies. The one serves to elevate and enhance the other, and vice versa.

Although photographers are not required to be members of the Boxing Writers Association of America, and very seldom are, your contributions to the sport and to the BWAA are invaluable and much appreciated. That is why the BWAA Photo Contest exists, and why so many of you at one time or another have been acknowledged by the judges for taking the shot that tells a story just as much as the text that might accompany that photo.

Photos must have been taken within the 2019 calendar year. As always, you are limited to one photo per category, so take care to select your very best shot in each. Submissions can be emailed to; please include your name, the publication or web site for which it was taken, a cutline explaining who is in the photo and the date of the event. The deadline for submitting entries is Jan. 25, the same as the deadline for the writing contest, although, of course, there is a different set of judges.

Also as always, photo contest winners will receive their awards at the BWAA Awards Dinner, the date and site of which have yet to be announced. Award winners unable to attend the Awards Dinner will have their awards shipped to them.

The categories:

Category A, Action Photo: Somebody is throwing a punch, or is on the receiving end of one. There are other possible variations, but all of you know, or should, what constitutes an action photo.

Category B, Feature Photo: Pretty much covers everything that isn’t action.

The BWAA mailing address continues to be P.O. Box 1082, Drexel Hill, PA 19026.

Good luck, have a joyous holiday season and a prosperous New Year.

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