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Katie Taylor Rules Again Atop The BWAA Pound-For-Pound Ratings

Thus far, 2021 has been a good year for the ladies of the Top 10, with all but three members of the list competing. And while Delfine Persoon returns in July, there is nothing on the calendar yet for Yesica Bopp and Marcela Acuna, and considering that both have been inactive since the spring of 2019, this list might look a lot different the next time you see it.

Among the active fighters, Katie Taylor remains at No.1, with Claressa Shields holding steady at No.2, even with a successful foray into the world of MMA. The biggest win of the year thus far was Amanda Serrano's knockout of Daniela Bermudez, and it landed the multi-division world champ at No. 3.

The BWAA womens' pound-for-pound ratings are bi-yearly, appearing in June and December.

BWAA Womens’ Top-10 June 2021 Pound-for-Pound

1. Katie Taylor - Ireland - 18-0

2. Claressa Shields - United States - 11-0

3. Amanda Serrano - United States - 40-1-1

4. Jessica McCaskill - United States - 10-2

5. Delfine Persoon - Belgium 44-3

6. Yesica Yolanda Bopp - Argentina - 36-1

7. Cecilia Braekhus - Norway - 36-2

8. Daniela Romina Bermudez - Argentina - 29-4-3

9. Marcela Acuna - Argentina - 49-7-2

10. Mikaela Mayer - United States - 14-0


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